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Crash-landing from the furthest reaches of the sonic hemisphere, Breakbeat Electronica’s fusion drum loops are born! Brand new for our eagerly anticipated Fusion Series, and bursting with crystal-coated future grooves, this exciting new sound suite is alive, delivering driving rhythmical pulses hell bent on terrorising normal civilians on a direct route for the clubs!

Breakbeat Electronica is a highly addictive selection of drum loops suitable for Breakbeat, House & Electro – a digitized mashup to assault the senses – mixing the hottest genres head on to battle it out: Electro vs. Breakbeat, Minimal vs. House & Glitch vs. Tech! For the first time you can experience a refreshing palette of distinctive grooves with a DJ-Ready collection combining the Filthiest Electronic Breakbeats with ultra-synthesised Minimal-Tech beats, upfront Dirty Electro Breaks with precision glitched out rhythms, Jackin Tech-Grooves with Sexy Texturised vibrations, presented in over 70 purified drum loops each one boasting endless creative possibilities for a streamline song-writing package.

If you are easily offended you may want to look away as this release throws you into a deep pool of razor-sharp grooves expertly and unrequitedly optimised, shock-proof tested and fit for only those who possess the utmost genre-defying style! Inject Breakbeat Electronica into your mix for immediate results and maximum originality.

You can find this release in a large number of other Special Formats on our website including: 

Ableton Live Pack (41mb)
Acid Loops (56mb)
Akai MPC (109mb)
Apple Loops (56mb)
FL Studio (56mb)
Garageband (56mb)
Reason Refill (35mb)
Rex2 Loops (34mb)
stylus RMX Loops (34mb)
and many, many more! 


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The Minimal House Samples found within this intricately hand-crafted release are over 100 seamless synthesised loops from obscure twisted synths to rustic ambient house chords, beautifully minimal glitchy rhythmical synthetics to pulsating chemically defused leads, distilled and detailed FX licks to beautifully concise sonic melodics – Minimal Synthesis take you a step further with a deep pool of highly evolved synthesised tools providing high definition minimal production tools for advanced experimentation.

Minimal Synthesis is a futuristic micro-slice of pristine Minimal House Synth Loops bursting with crystal clear synthetic ingredients. The Minimal sound is a landmark in Dance musics evolution a distinct contemporary style providing pure sound innovation for the next generation of DJs and Music Producers.

This nu-era release will deliver a refreshing slice of inspiration for producers of Minimal styles, Tech-House, Glitch & Electronica, with a much needed digitally organic feel designed for the clubs.

You can find this release in a large number of other special formats on our website including: 

Ableton Live Pack (72mb)
Acid Loops (129mb)
Akai MPC (249mb)
Apple Loops (129mb)
FL Studio (129mb)
Garageband (129mb)

and many, many more! 


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Vanguard Electro Bass Essentials” for the Vanguard VST Synth delivers an addictive selection of the most up to date electro bass samples heard in the clubs today. The Vanguard synth from ReFX needs no introduction, undoubtedly responsible for at least 80 of the most high-profile electro producers basslines heard in the clubs today, and has won the respect of many a producer, defining an era with its sharp, cutting and relentlessly dirty sound.

Prime Loops are extremely proud to present this official Vanguard release with the hottest bass sounds of the moment fresh from the studio to the dance floor. Inside you will find a disgustingly sexy selection of the top 70 most sought-after bass sounds – ready to put the definitive electro sound into your mix.

“Vanguard Electro Bass Essentials” includes big, bad, spine-tingling synth bass leads, skilfully handcrafted and optimised into this powerful DJ-ready collection for the creative produce. From the dirtiest electroholic wobbly subs to jackin’ tech leads, venomous nu-house licks to twisted filthy chemical leads these sounds will cut through your mix like jack the ripper and effortlessly take your sound to the next stage.


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Weve gone deep into the world of circuit bending and glitch chemistry to bring you this colossal collection of over 220 essential circuit bent samples, glitched out machines, and electronic malfunctions. The samples have been carefully compiled and presented in 11 brand new kits for your favourite sampler including Kontakt, EXS24, Halion, MPC samples, Mach Five, Reason Refill, Emu X2, Battery, SFZ, .WAV and Aiff Formats.

Inside you will find an optimum collection of intricate sonic sculptures handcrafted for the next generation of dance music producers. From robotic circuit bent toys, to 8-bit glitches, de-fused analogue drum machines to lo-fi digi pops & blips, this highly original sound suite is unequalled in its creative content covering the entire spectrum for those with a healthy disposition to create!

These electronic creations will melt effortlessly into your music, and provide a distinct sonic backdrop, unique percussive rhythms or precision digital FX.

From the most sublime minimal production, to adding an electronic fusion to the most upfront dance tracks, these distinguished circuit bent samples contain all the elements and creative combinations to out-source even the most original productions.

You can find this release in a large number of other Special Formats on our website including: 

.AIFF Samples (30mb)
Ableton Live Pack (24mb)
Acid Samples (30mb)
Akai MPC (59mb)
Battery (56mb)
Emu X2 (32mb)
EXS24 (56mb)
FL Studio (30mb)
Gigastudio (56mb)
Halion (56mb)
Kontakt (56mb)
Motu Mach Five (56mb)
Reason Refill (20mb)
Sonar SFZ (56mb)
and many, many more! 


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All the 808 & 909 drum samples have been recorded directly from our in-studio 808 & 909 drum machine consoles. The 808 & 909 drum machine sounds are a legend in their own right, with it being nearly impossible to actually get hold of a real 808 or 909 drum machine, the drum sounds found within this sought after sound suite offer the full original archive.

The drums have been recorded in pristine condition, and not processed or altered in any way so that you can load up the truly amazing sound of the 808 & 909 drum machines as they were originally intended. Alongside the high quality .WAV drum hits, you also have an option of choosing kits including all kicks, snares, hi-hats, toms, percussion etc, for your favourite sampler, including 808/909 kits for: Halion, Kontakt, Emu X2, Reason Refill, Battery, Sonar, EXS24 and more.

Many providers offer simulations of the 808 & 909 sound, and you may end up with incomplete, lo-fi and unusable sounds. There are very few that can offer genuine recordings of the entire drum machines collection (over 290 drum samples) so we are confident when we say this is the real deal!

The famous 808 bass drum sounds, mixed with the crisp, cutting 909 snares have been used by top producers around the world time and time again, with proven results, the 808 & 909 drum drops have graced many hits, and no doubt many more to come. These drum sounds are essential for any electronic music creation from studio to stage. If you produce modern music, the 808 & 909 Drum Machine Kits are quite simply a must have.

You can find this release in a large number of other Special Formats on our website including: 

AIFF Samples (15mb)
Ableton Live Pack (11mb)
Acid Samples (15mb)
Akai MPC (28mb)
Battery (27mb)
Emu X2 (16mb)
EXS24 (27mb)
FL Studio (15mb)
Garageband (15mb)
Gigastudio (27mb)
Halion (27mb)
Kontakt (27mb)
Motu Mach Five (27mb)
Reason Refill (9mb)
Sonar SFZ (27mb)
and many, many more! 


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If youre looking to smash up the clubs with the hottest Dirty South sounds available, then have a listen to this brand new Sound Kit from Prime Loopsfeaturing the very best in samples for maximum impact, and the perfect platinum solution every time. Weve included the hottest most banginpure dirrrty club style Dirty South samples to get those heads noddin, and those bootys shakin!

Each beat, or groove contains around 10 20 matching loops, which comprise of all the individual elements, for example, dirty synth, bass, 808 drums, pad, orchestra stringsetcall pre-mastered & multi-tracked, so you can easily remix, mashup, arrange, and create the beats separate parts any way you wish slam them straight into the mix for instant messing about!

All the Grooves included in this money-making sound suite are 100 Royalty free, so you can use them in your productions, and sell your beats without having to worry about sample clearance or license fees. The Grooves have been expertly pre-mastered to chart standards, recorded using the industries best synths and delivered in a variety of formats to enhance your production workflow.

Whether youre a DJ looking for fresh inspiration, Vocalist looking for new beats, or a mix-master Producer, this explosive new edition to our Grooves Series is guaranteed to bring the heat with 0ver 100 loops conveniently arranged into 10 killer Groove kits.

Check out the demo to get a feel for the explosive content to be found inside, and reach for the Platinum with Dirty South Club Grooves.

You can find this release in a large number of other Special Formats on our website including: 

Ableton Live Pack (166mb)
Acid Loops (117mb)
Akai MPC (230mb)
Apple Loops (117mb)
FL Studio (117mb)
Garageband (117mb)
and many, many more! 

RnB Samples – R n B Loops, Pro R&B Samples – R&B Royale Grooves

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R&B Royale Grooves is the latest release from Samples Loops designed for producing smooth R&B and Hip Hop rhythms and melodies. Included in this sound suite, which contains over 180 RnB loops, is a variety of original R&B loops complimented by 11 Full Groove/melody songs,

The Groove loops section is set out in 2 folders, 80Bpm Grooves, and 90Bpm Grooves, each Melody/Groove folder contains a demo mix, and all the individual parts of each groove, for example matching drums, orchestra strings, rhodes, piano loops and so on, which mix seamlessly together and can be arranged, layered and remixed any way you wish.

The next section of R&B Royale Grooves contains a wide variety of single loops to add even more inspiration, all of which sync perfectly with the grooves and give you even more opportunities to create new musical combinations and rhythms.

We are very proud of this new producer package, if youre looking to create rich, orchestral and musical R&B or Soulful Hip Hop Beats, look no further, this amazing collection of new-skool and vintage loops is the real deal, and delivers a solid production package of new RnB melody tools.

You can this find release in a large number of other Special Formats on our website including: 

Ableton Live Packs
Acid Loops
Akai MPC Samples
Reason Refills
FL Studio Samples
Apple Loops/Aiff
Sonar SFZ
Emu X2 Samples
and many, many more! 


Download Demo:

This unique edition to our Dirty South Loops & Samples series contains essential beat-making tools to give your Dirty South Productions that extra edge over other producers. When injecting these loops into your beats, you can and layer them effortlessly over your drum loops for a unique, maximised, liquid platinum flow.

Dirty South Loops & Breaks is a master mix of synthesised percussive fx loops as used in many top-end productions heard today. We have designed and optimised this sound suite using our unequalled collection of samples, drum machines & analogue hardware studio tools to bring maximum heat, and deliver an essential collection of over 100 inspiring loops bursting with creative potential.

Inside, you will find: Synth Stab Loops, Urban Percussive Loops, Spectral FX Loops, synthesised percussives, Bongo, Congo, Djembe & Tabla Loops, Orchestral Breaks, 808 loops & breaks, Beatbox breaks & lots more!

This pack is perfect for Dirty South, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggaeton, and other urban genres, and if you want to add an original touch to your new productions, then looks no further than this consummate selection of royalty free, crunked out loops & breaks from Prime Loops.

You can this find release in a large number of other Special Formats including: 

Ableton Live Packs
Acid Loops
Akai MPC Samples
FL Studio Samples
Apple Loops/Aiff
and more!


Download Demo:

House Guitar Loops is a highly original song writing package which contains guitar loops for house producers and has been recorded in pristine 24-bit audio at our state of the art recording facility, and mastered with the utmost attention to detail, preserving the true natural sound of each individual recording.

The guitar loops have been recorded using combination of 5 Guitarists including our extremely talented resident string-master Tom Warner, playing a variety of 2 acoustic, and 2 electric guitars through 3 high-end amplifiers created an intelligent blend of amazing material delivering innovative musical building blocks that will melt effortlessly into your mix.

Sunsoaked funky grooves, passionate latin rhythms, smokey jazz chord progressions, filthy nu-rave licks, majestic worldly textures, twisted disco leads, warm acoustic jams, classic motown flavours and creamy electric guitar sessions House Guitar Loops Volume 1 is our most celebrated release to date with 130+ world class recordings bursting with inspirational content.

You will find well over 100 guitar loops and variations inside; these are well complimented by over 20 Dry/Clean Major and Minor 7th chord samples for maximum flexibility.

House Guitar Loops Volume 1 can be used to create a vast amount of styles and genres, and comes in a variety of formats for adaptable tempo control. As with all Prime Loops sound suites each of the 130+ recordings are completely royalty free and perfectly suited to your releases and future media productions.

You can download this sound suite in many more formats including:


You can find this release in a large number of other special formats on our website including: 

Ableton Live Pack (96mb)
Acid Loops (106mb)
Akai MPC (236mb)
Apple Loops (107mb)
FL Studio (106mb)
Garageband (107mb)
Reason Refill (72mb)
Rex2 Loops (71mb)
Stylus RMX Loops (71mb)

and many, many more! 


Download Demo:

Smashing up the dancehall just got a whole lot easier with this essential release, another jam-packed XXL sounding drum collection from Prime Loops. Roll your own spine-snapping sequences from this selection of over 350 one-shot percussion and fx samples, precision engineered to grind, shake and bump hips worldwide. It’s time for all you Reggaeton producers to step up and take ownership of the streets.

This sizzling hot, platinum-wrapped download will instantly pump up your Latin drum library with hundreds of the baddest kicks, hottest snares, industry claps, intricate rolls, inspiring percussion and nu-skool fx. Everything has been clearly arranged and labelled so that when inspiration strikes, you have the best tools at your fingertips. All our files are triple-checked and available preformatted for your workflow, so you just throw them in the mix and start bumpin’ and grindin’.

You won’t be able to sit still when you grab the controls and get a serious groove going, and there’s no end to the combinations possible when you lay down your own perfect pattern and develop neck-breaking Latin beats from the floor up to the charts! With our 100 royalty-free licence as standard, you can be sure that your beats are kept strictly exclusive and belong to you and only you, so go ahead and break down some record label doorsno holds barred!

Don’t let genres limit you, these sounds are just as blazing if you use them for dubstep, hiphop, dirty south, r&b, drum & bass or any track that’s crying out for a some added flavours. Slamming styles together you can take reggaeton in your own direction, creating truly original vibes for the people inside the ride, guaranteed to keep the party moving ’till the morning light!

You can find this release in a large number of other Special Formats on our website including: 

.AIFF Samples (21mb)
.WAV (21mb)
EXS24 (39mb)
Halion (39mb)
Kontakt (39mb)
Reason Refill (39mb)
Roland Fantom X (21mb)
Roland MC909 (21mb)
Roland MV8000 (21mb)
Roland MV8800 (21mb)
Sonar SFZ (39mb)

and many, many more!